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Telehealth Explained


Telehealth is a visit option that is available for most appointments.

We use telehealth services to protect and help our patients

Telehealth will be required for any patient who is infected with contagious diseases.

Telehealth visits may or may not be offered depending on the situation.

Telehealth is not the perfect solution to every problem.

While it is a great tool to be able to use, your provider may determine that telehealth is not suitable for your visit and will ask that you come to an in-person appointment to ensure that you are taken care of correctly.

When filling out our "New Patient Packet," you will see a more detailed explanation of how we use telehealth.

Signing up for telehealth simply gives us the option to use it; it does not replace in-office visits.

If you are currently a patient and seeking instructions on how to log into our telehealth service, click here.

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