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Self Pay Explained


Self pay is a payment option available for any patient that wants it.

Self pay will be required for any patient who does not possess insurance or has insurance that we don’t accept.

We are NOT able to accept Medicaid or Bright Health.


For every patient that does self pay, $100 will be required up-front at the time of check in, but this is NOT the full amount for the visit. At check out, the rest of the bill, taking into account the charges for the visit, will be calculated. 


Our prices are based on what Medicare pays for each service, which is the “industry standard”.


If the total amount for the visit is paid at check out, or a payment plan is set up, a 30% off discount will be applied to all charges. If the charges are not paid, or a plan is not set up, the discount will be removed and then the entire cost will be owed by the patient.


Anyone who wishes to set up a payment plan may talk to the office manager to discuss one.


Anyone who wishes to pay on a balance or a payment may simply talk to a receptionist.

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