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DOT Physicals

Trinity Family Practice is pleased to announce that we now offer Department of Transportation Physicals

to both current TFP patients and non TFP patients.

For DOT Physicals, please bring a list of all medications you take as well as the DOT form with your portion of the form completed.

Individuals with the following conditions will also need to bring the additional information requested below: 

* Diabetics: *

A1C Results within the past 3 months or in-house (+$20)


* TFP Diabetics on Insulin: *

MCSA-5870 Form from the healthcare professional who regulates your insulin regimen (only available to TFP patients).

* Sleep apnea: *

Letter from a sleep specialist stating that a study was performed and treatment was not required


A printed CPAP compliance report from the last 3 months that meets the FMCSA guidelines if you are currently prescribed CPAP.

* Patients with heart issues: *

ECG within the last 1 year; exercise stress test every 2 years; Cardiologist letter stating that you have been evaluated and are stable to operate a CMV.

* Patients with a prior heart attack or cardiac surgery:*

Echocardiogram after a heart attack and, in some cases, every 2 years

* Patients on Coumadin: *

Printed INR results for the past 3 months, reason why you are on Coumadin, and a statement attesting that this condition is stable

* Patients on opioids and other controlled substances: *

A letter from the prescribing doctor stating that your medication will not impair your ability to drive a CMV, but this is still at the examiner's discretion.

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